The Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe 12v roof fan vent / Extractor can be used to pull cool air in or to pull warm air out(or cooking smells/steam).


They all come with a remote control with built in thermostat so operation is simple. If you wish you can pre-set the remote for the fan to come on at desired temperature.


Choice of Lids are;

  • Smoke- lid is very dark allowing only a little light to pass. The use of a blind is optional as it blocks most natural light.
  • TintedThe Tinted Lid is like most standard skylights in that its lightly tinted allowing most light to pass through giving the added benefit of natural light.
  • We recommend fitting the Maxxshade or Maxxshade plus.
  • White-The White Lid does allow light to pass through. However its very minimal the use of a blind isn’t really necessary.

The Maxxfan when activated opens and closes its self and has a built in rain shield preventing rain to enter with a light downpour.

For Maxxfan dimensions see our listings